Life of Pi Analysis

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Prior this this, Pi is named after a swimming pool in France, Piscine Molitor. Having being raised in Hindu religion he adopts another two religions that Christianity and Islam with a view of just loving God. The family then plans to move and settle in Canada and therefore books a passage on a Japanese freighter. A storm strikes and the ship founders, with Pi on the deck he tries to locate his family but a crew man throws him on a lifeboat. The ship then sinks in the Marian Trench. There are responsibilities that one can run away from and are the reasons for a successful living and God will show you your purpose in life through fulfillment of these responsibilities.

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It implies that as humans we have core responsibilities which define our purpose of living and serving God. The walking away of the tiger shows the end of life in that our companions on the world are not permanent ones that is our children, parents and friends. The mystic island signifies that God is a protector, destroyer and provider. He is the one who strengthen you and protect a person in his/her life. He fishes to feed the tiger. Their survival is intertwined. The author says that after the humpback whale struck and destroyed the raft and its supplies, Pi trained Parker who later realized that the tiger was helping them to survive. Many animals are being killed by poachers around the globe, hostile environmental conditions like drought (Bolling, and Gewald) which leads to food shortages have a great influence on the animal depopulation.

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