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The managers are therefore responsible for developing a clear and well developed managerial concept that aids in creating and the general running of the organization through developing viable decisions, measures and other key factors that are inherent in the management and the general face of the organization. The article also highlights how the managers have on if the ost inherent way of running and developing the original face of the organization through analysis and determination of the face, the future and the general objectivity of the company. It provides all the inherent information on how the company or the business should run and also give all the viable advice to the shareholders on how to manage and recreate the business ideas.

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It is a great concept that helps in the analysis of all the factors that make up the business setting and any other information that is required for the general running of the organization. With this role, the managers have a greater and much higher incentives if either making the business to grow or creating the other delinquencies in the business, The basis of any business is to grow and achieve its desired objectives and therefore, the use and the role of the managers in the organization is o develop various key ways that can help in preparing and ensuring the actual growth of the company or the business (Gordon & Shapro, 1986, 103). The business world today relies on managers for the many key decisions that are made today and which promote positive growth in the way the business should run.

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The managers are responsible for making the key decisions that are needed in the running and the general management of the business. The managers are also responsible for making any emergency decisions that are needed to deal with any issue at hand through analysis of the problem, give immediate feedback and also promote the ultimate solutions to any issue that may be in the way to jeopardize or affect the general workability of the organization. It is therefore very important for every organization to have a welk develop and functional managerial activities that help in propagating and developing the business towards achieving its desired capabilities and looks (Gordon & Shapiro, 1956, 103). The basis of the manager's and the management, in general, is to ensure that there is the total application of knowledge and exercise from the managers that can help in promoting and propagating the managerial scale in the business environment.

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The article explains how debts are now being applied to create a more consistent and coherent way of managing and developing the best overview of managing the organization achieve its goals and objectives (Gordon & Shapiro, 1956, 107). Managers are the most efficient person in the management scale in making all the viable decisions that are needed for growth within an organization Therefore, the managers can develop the most efficient method of sourcing for funds that can be used to promote and initiate growth within the organization (Carmelli et al. Without proper plans, the organization can always be overly affected and this can affect how the organization is geared towards productivity and meeting the various needs of the organizational settings. The application if this methodology helps in the development of the best platform that can initiate change, motivate the managers and the organization, in general, to work towards repaying the high-end loans and debts that were initially used in the production.

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