Material Monism Essay

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Subject Area:Anthropology

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“Oneness” is the underlying concept of monism, it covers a wide range of ideas such as ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of mind2. Furthermore, monism does not distinguish between the object and subject, matter and spirit, or the body and soul, unlike dualism which does. Instead, it combines all of them into a single unit. According to Thales, water was the fundamental component of the universes and everything draws its origin from the water. However, Aristotle who was the reporter did not specify the exact extents. Universality is one of the qualities of life, the laws of the nature cuts across all the natural surroundings hence in any corner of the universes we can find the same rules of nature. Nature is also inherent to the external objects; there is a dynamic essence in every object in the physical world.

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