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The core aim is to handle the challenge of security in its faculty courses especially in data and the network of both the visitors and the students. The high risks involved in the university during the security include the loss of data that arises from the unauthorized access which in turn makes the information belonging to visitors and the students getting lost. For the university to handle the issue, the paper seeks to describe the approaches to be used in UMUC to protect the networks against access by unauthorized personnel. As a result, the individuals’ data will be protected against loss once the techniques are employed. INTRODUCTION Due to the advancement in technology, the UMUC institution has developed a building which it has acquired through leasing so that all the visitors and students get access to the network.

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The data in the university can be accessed by unauthorized personnel since it is not protected. The point of concern is on how to secure data and the network transmission though there are factors that ought to be considered. First, the software, data, hosts and the network devices are to be considered. Also, the stored data should need backup in case of loss. Similarly, the weak points in the UMUC should be determined to know the kind of defense mechanisms to be applied. The latter uses other technologies that support most of the operating systems. Therefore, the scanners will provide data discovery and auditing configuration measures that will be appropriate for the network security in the institution. B. SECURITY POLICY Requirement Security policies entails the limitations and procedures defining what an organization allows or rejects to be done.

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Therefore, UMUC should employ such security procedures so that students and visitors are controlled on how to access the network [5]. Justification The security policies and procedures will be worthwhile since they will define the responsivities and the roles of the students and the users of the university. Policies that show users’ acceptance policies will be useful in implementing the use of the network. Also, policies that govern the authorized access of the network will only be determined by knowing the computers within the institution since the assets will be secured. Lastly, the account policy will be important in making sure that creation is done in similar manner, with use of complex and long passwords. C. D. BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN Requirements The importance of setting up a business plan is to maintain the smooth performance of the activities of the university in case of any risks.

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It enhances the recording of the business functions that must not be halted despite the risk. UMUC requires a business continuity team that will offer training, handle the plan and take part in testing in the event of failure. The aim of the plan is to ensure a business progresses in its activities as required [2]. Proposed solution The best solution in securing the network is using access control measures in the authentication process since individuals without the passwords will not access the network hence they will act as attackers. Therefore, the university will only allow authentication and identification access control models. The identification will only require the use of students’ cards that proves their identity. Any physical protection in the university will be solved by using a badging system that will govern the way data access will be handled.

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However, it will be difficult for the outsiders to use the network since they lack the cards and the authentication. Edward Tetz, Cisco Networking All in One for Dummies: Network Firewalls: Perimeter defense (n. d) Available: www. dummies. com/networking/cisco/network-firewalls-perimeter-defence/ [4]. “AN OVERVIEW OF VULNERABILITY SCANNERS,” InfoSec, Feb-2008. testout. com/. Accessed: 24-Sept-2017].

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