Network System Integration and Maintenance

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One needs to identify and analyze the business to choose the best system that will suit an organization. Therefore, the first step is project and planning method; which is calling the various departments within the organization to state the works they do. Involving everyone in planning; aids to come up with a better-integrated system, which will suit all the needs of the business and for effectiveness and efficiency in work delivery. The subsequent point is the system design. The design is coming up with different varieties of a product before you buy to ensure buying a good that is effective. The practical methods and processes for software and system integration are required disciplined software design and development criteria. What is a server? A server is basically a set of computer program installed in a super machine that responds to requests made by other computers which are referred to as clients.

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It is mainly used in management of network resources such as controlling the access to information through prioritization of those who have the permission to access. A server may be dedicated to specific tasks depending on the purpose of its implementation. There are several categories of servers which include, print servers, network servers, file servers and database servers. iii. Drupal Content management systems (CMSs) provide a collaborative environment for social networking sites, corporate Web sites, intranets, community portals, e-commerce applications and discussion sites.  Drupal is a CMS that allows communities to publish, share and manage a variety of content on a Web server. Communities range from a few users to tens of thousands. Drupal is modular and has dozens of add-ons that enhance its functionality and appeal, such as blogs, forums, newsletters, podcasting, photos, file uploading and downloading, collaborative authoring and e-commerce.

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One will have to check through all computer components if they are not sure where the problem is coming from. It is however important for one to back up their information into an external source before troubleshooting begins. The process is done through the following basic steps; a. Close programs which are open and not being used b. Ensure that all cords are properly connected c. If you want real security, you need a dedicated firewall on your network. This firewall will be a single point of entry that will stop many more attempted breaches than the standard software-based firewall will. Besides, the hardware-based fire will be far more flexible and customizable. Work cited Zhou, J. , Feng, L.  Systems of systems engineering: principles and applications.

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