No Sweat Essay

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They present very unhealthy working conditions for the employees. In then such workplaces, the workers face very harsh environments that expose them to many risks. The "No Sweat Essay" by Rubi GaryFalakis, the author outlines some aspects that are a common characteristic of the sweatshops. This essay is basically focused on comparing and contrasting the aspects outlined by Rubi GaryFalakis in then essay. This essay will mainly focus on three main aspects. In contrast to other workers who happen to work in other industries and much more have been seen on their developments to their families and homes which is absent in the sweatshop workers. In my early opinion before reading the Garyfalakis essay I used to view a sweatshop as any other industries where a lot of employees create wealth from but now my view has changed and I have clearly understood it fully.

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