North Korea and the US

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Regarding powers, the country is considered to be one of the most powerful in the world with its advanced technology and high population. Despite its capabilities, America has been having hostile relations with North Korea which is a nation in East Asia. The cause of the hostility dates back to an event when the United States bombed North Korea hence leading to massive deaths of its citizens. Over a period, the state of fear of another war being experienced has advanced, bearing in mind that North Korea with the support of the president has produced missiles with the main target being America. The discussion below indicates some of the causes of the conflict, the main strategies that the two countries apply to get what they want as well as the action that can be taken to prevent the problem.

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A big differences remain between the demands of Trump and those of Korea. Knowing what happened to Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Kim wants the United States not to remove him from power (Hawkins, 2017). However, the main aim of America is to ensure that Kim’s leadership which has oppressed people in Korea is ended. As such, Kim has most of times used the nuclear bombing as a powerful bargaining chip to get what he wants and not the dangerous weapon. In one year, North Korea manufactured many missiles with a message that it did not plan to give away these dangerous weapons. United States Nuclear Deterrence Posture for the 21st Century. Levy, J. S. THE WARS OF AMERICA. The Next Steps in the North Korea Crisis.

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