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It all started when I was six years old after losing my father. It pains me a lot to realize that he succumbed to a preventable complication and considering the fact that I was not able to save him in spite of being there during his last hours on earth. My father, who was a teacher, had complained of a mild headache and a high fever, which became severe within a short time. My mother called an ambulance and he was rushed to a nearby hospital. I remember crying helplessly when I saw him pass out since my mother and I had accompanied him to the hospital. More often, my friends have told me that I am very kind not only to them, but to strangers as well.

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I do not remember exactly how I treat them to tell me this, all I know is that I try to treat everyone around me just like I would like them to treat me or my mother. As a matter of fact, it is my calling, a purpose to be nice to people. My mother always tells me that I take after my father’s kindness and compassion. My passion for nursing did not end with mere wishing to become one. Due to the personal state of this job, my job description also included people skills. In fact, I was the main care giver of the patients. Besides, I had to work with medical technology such as health information applications, medical record charting software as well as the billing software.

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