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Thus, power provides or empowers change of attitudes and behaviours through defining and redefining the important role played in the area of expertise (Hoeve & Roodbol, 2014). From a personal perspective power is playing a significant role in transitioning into the role of the baccalaureate nurse through installing a sense of ethical direction towards achieving my childhood dreams of competently serving humanity by providing timely solutions. Advocacy skills In advocacy, which is certain the skill that successfully support something or someone, consist of a set of sub-sills (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). Personally, advocacy skills are part and parcel of promoting positive working environment by working towards providing emotional support to the patients. Types of power used in nursing The first set is: “problem solving”. Putting the approach into perspective, it has been my wish ever since to offer service to humanity by being part of the answer, communication will play important role has it will enable me to offer emotional support to the patients, communicate towards achieving ethical working conditions, providing positive patient-doctor relation and maintaining positive working environment.

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