Old Navy's Controversial Advertisement

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The target audience for this advertisement was the youthful millennial generation of all races. The advertisement was prepared and distributed with the aim of reaching out to persons of all races to inform them of Old Navy's all-inclusive policy regarding the treatment of their customers. My choice was inspired by the predominant theme in the advertisement; multiculturalism and an all-inclusive society. The advertisement is also in line with my personal philosophy; to treat and respect all persons on merit without prejudice and/or bias. Depiction of Parenthood The advertisement centers on a family comprising of an African American woman, a white man, and a kid. Doing so enriches the experiences of the child while growing up. From the image, it is plausible that the man is the breadwinner in the family.

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Typically, the breadwinner is a central pillar of a family. The breadwinner is perceived as a character who is able to not only provide material support but most importantly is able to give moral support and inspiration to the family. In this case, both the wife and the son are leaning on the father figure. Welch expounds on the concept of love in great details throughout chapter 6 of his book. One of the predominant arguments that Welch articulates is that love should be defined in the context of the era within which it is experienced. On this basis, the current era promotes unity and social cohesion. The current era encourages individuals to dissociate from all issues related to racial discrimination. Segregation by race and/or color is now considered barbaric and archaic.

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As a matter of fact, a large proportion of the marriages have been known to break up within the first decade. Of those that make it into the second decade, some do not make it to the third decade. Eventually, only a small proportion of marriages last a lifetime. It is not only essential for marriages to last forever, but also remain as closely knit as when they began. However, even for marriages in which the partners are able to remain together for a considerable duration of time, they are not as tightly bound. Currently, parents in the developed countries find it particularly difficult to find time with their family. Majority of the time is spent in the quest to create and build a better livelihood for the entire family.

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For instance, in the United States, majority of the parents are completely involved in their day jobs. Some are forced by financial needs to take up extra shifts of jobs which consumes a significant part of the day. One of the ways in which responsible parents should do is to make time to spend time with their families.

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