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The operations strategy of the company has also been discussed and it focusses on the ambitions of the organization and taking a long lasting view of making the world a better place for future generations. The report also states that this Company emphasizes on accomplishing the five main operational performance objectives which are prioritized out of: Cost, dependability, flexibility, quality and speed. This report has also discussed on the various internal and external benefits which the company will be able to obtain upon excelling in the performance objectives. The report has also discussed on the various elements of the company such as the Mars facility layout, the process selection, linear programming, Quality assurance and the process flow chart of the company.

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Introduction Mars company limited is an American manufacturer of pet food, confectionery and other various types of food products (Gormall, 350) Moreover, it also provides care services to animals and its annual sales were approximated as US$30 billion in 2017; In addition, it was also ranked by Forbes as being the 5th largest privately owned company in the United States by the Mars family. The company will also be able to satisfy its long term customers as well as capturing the attention of new customers in the market (Von, 570) According to the mars company limited, their operations strategy is mainly growing to be an organization which each and every person is proud of and they do this through; focusing on ambitions which lead to commitment towards investing in future, taking a long-lasting view so as to leave the world as a nice place for future generations.

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This company is in a position to obtain sustainability goals through sourcing which implies that they obtain their ingredients from suppliers who take good care of their farms and also have respect for the rights of their buyers. The Mars Company focuses mainly on accomplishing the five operational performance objectives which are prioritized out of: Cost, dependability, flexibility, quality and speed as follows; first the company defines the cost performance objectives as being the difference in the unit cost which results due to variation in the volume of the products which it manufactures within a period of time (Tong, 130). This company mainly prioritizes on producing high variety of products, this will lead to high volume of goods produced which will eventually lead to high unit cost of producing the various goods and this leads to high product prices which will lead to the company earning huge profits in the market.

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Moreover, the other performance objective which it has prioritized is dependability; this simply means that the operations of this company are dependable at the time when it is able to produce and deliver high quality products to its customers according to the agreed price and at the right time. Facility layout Mars facility layout is arranged in a manner that it meets the employees’ needs and maximize the effectiveness of their production process. This arrangement ensures that there is smooth flow of work, information and materials in the company which greatly determines how work in the company is done. The integration of materials, machinery and people’s needs in terms of customers and personnel is actually a well-functioning system (Drira, 260). Process selection Process selection in a company is simply the way goods and services are processed and delivered which in one way or another influences various aspects of the company in terms of design of work systems, capacity planning and layout of facilities (Swift, 440).

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In Mars manufacturing company, Process selection is used when designing new products or services that are competitive and subject to technological changes. Then the outer covering of the beans are removed and the inner cocoa bean is broken down into small pieces known as the cocoa nibs; when the shells of the cocoa beans are roasted, they become brittle and soft. The second step is grinding of the cocoa nibs to form cocoa liquor which is also referred to as unsweetened cocoa mass. During the grinding process, a lot of heat is generated and the dry form of the cocoa nib is then converted to liquid and at the same time the fat in the nib melts. The cocoa liquor is then mixed with both sugar and butter and when they need to make milk chocolate then sweetened, fresh and roller-dry low heat powder mil is added to the cocoa liquor (Ploetz, 1635) The third step mainly entails blending of the cocoa liquor and during this process the cocoa liquor is blend into the desired fitness and size.

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Finally we have the step which mainly entails molding of the chocolate into various shapes depending on the tastes and the preferences of the customers. On the basis of process flow chart for the company to become more competitive; it should have both the value-added flow chart and the non-value added flow chart so as to ensure that it improves on its productivity cycle as compared to its competitors who only have the non-value added flow chart. Works cited Gornall, J. Sugar's web of influence 4: Mars and company: sweet heroes or villains?. BMJ: British Medical Journal (Online), 350. Coe, R. and Gassmann, O. Market versus technology drive in R&D internationalization: four different patterns of managing research and development. Research policy, 31(4), pp.

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