Patient education and wellness Annotated Bibliography

Document Type:Annotated Bibliography

Subject Area:Health Care

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, Stephenson, D. W. , Dickson, M. , Smith, D. , & Bonney, A. , Hernandez-Lane, M. , Cohello, J. , & Bautista, C. The Effectiveness of a Community Health Program in Improving Diabetes Knowledge in the Hispanic Population: Salud y Bienestar (Health and Wellness). Journal of Community Health, 38(6), 1124-1131. , Nahata, M. C. , & Bennett, M. S. Advancing patient care through innovative practice: The Clinical Partners Program. O. Identifying Information Resources for Patients in the Intensive Care Unit and Their Families. Critical Care Nurse, 37(6), e10-e16. The study which sought to establish an appropriate educational content for patients admitted to intensive care unit, develop a database and organize the content in a medium that could easily be shared through education. The study relied on raw data from the field and eventual gap analysis to yield that educational content should be organized into arrival, understanding and partnership, and transitional units within the units.

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