Personal Ethical Dilemma

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The company has around 50 employees given its expansive and market space within our region and the neighboring towns. The company entails to have an ethical practice that all the employees are required to follow and adhere to in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. It is upon every employee to protect and watch over the company’s goods and products and ensure their safety in any situation. However, this seemed to contradict with what I experienced. My colleague and who is a great of mine in the company broke the rules of the company moral values and ethics one day as we were on our normal routine in giving free goods to customers. I would urge him to restore those goods given out freely or else I report the case.

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According to the divine command theory, it implies that a person’s actions should be morally right as the commandments of God. It means that one’s actions should reflect what God requires of everybody to speak out the truth and not to cheat. In my situation and applying this theory I first choose to have my friend correct his mistake and return the free goods to the company for that is what is correct and not what he did. The situation here seems to contradict our relationship but my actions need to stand out as ethical and those that respect the rules of any person or organization. I would decide to assume that such a thing happened and let my friend be on his personal decision.

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