Police brutality in america

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Cases of unjustified shootings, physical assault, fatal chokings, and violent treatment have contributed to the ongoing problem of police brutality in America. This new law enforcement culture takes a variety of names from the public with the most common ones being excessive force, police brutality, and police misconduct. Occasionally police are put in circumstances that extreme force is required. Nevertheless, since some officers use these extreme actions in circumstances when it isn’t needed, police cruelty must be addressed. The use of sheer force is a significant issue and must be investigated by both the police and the public. The failure of the American administration to eliminate this deep-rooted problem displays that there may be considerable psychological obstacles in the minds of abundant entities that hamper the progress of their relevant societies (Davis and Peter, 1994).

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One of the leading problems with police cruelty is that it habitually goes unaccounted for. There are a lot of justifications for this. For instance, it is not occasional for a condition to boil down to the word of a police officer alongside the word of a probable lawbreaker. It’s easy to accept how a magistrate or panel might be prejudiced into considering an officer’s assertion of defense in a supposed murder situation, especially where no proof exists beyond the reports of the parties involved. If we show them that they will be held answerable for their activities, it will discourage a lot of them from mistreating their supremacies. If we do not do anything concerning this epidemic right away, it will only get shoddier to the point where police viciousness will be entrenched in all humanity, and the public will stop to care.

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