Problem Solving Approach and Problem Solving Strategies

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By reviewing the whole article, it is clear that the best approach of problem solving is the one that involves the merging of the problem solving techniques by the learners and close facilitation of what the learners needs or desires to learn. For instance, a teacher could first introduce different shapes and figures (origami) with base, height, and breadth to learners and later on introduce different skills such as ways to find perimeter, area among others(Greiff, Holt & Funke, 2013). Similarities and differences portrayed by Ann, Ben, and Cara in using problem solving approach in teaching mathematics Notably, there exists a clear distinct of how the three teachers understands or applies the problem solving approach in mathematics. Firstly, Ann teaches about problem solving when she majorly focuses on helping individual students with the understanding that, learners are endowed with different ability and capabilities(Sulak, 2010).

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