Race and Ethnicity in American Life

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Subject Area:Sociology

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The article rejects this hypothesis because the mean scores of the examined characteristics were not sufficient (Mastro and Bradley 700). Additionally, the assertion that substantial exposure to a particular genre of program content results to the principal of benchmarks for the portrayal. The authors present their ideas in a well-supported manner with an easy-to-read language which makes the article easy to understand for the non-professionals and professionals. Drawing from the statistics presented in this article, ethnic minorities are not only underrepresented in the media outlets but also have diminished roles in the televisions and other broadcasting programs (Mastro and Bradley 691). Also, ethnic minorities such as Latinos are negatively depicted in the media outlets because they are assigned low-status positions where they are portrayed as untrustworthy, lazy and unintelligent (Mastro and Bradley 691).

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