Religion in Twelve Years a Slave and The Diary of a Young Girl

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The author provides details about the slave markets in New Orleans and Washington D. C. as well as how slaves were treated in major Louisiana plantations. On the other hand, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank is a book involving writings from a diary written in the Dutch language. The diary was kept by Anne Frank during the Netherlands Nazi occupation while she and her family were in hiding for two years. Moreover, one of the causes of her disappointment is because Peter who is her friend does not have any religious faith. Though religion does not play a major role in Ann’s story, the “Jew” and “Christian” seems more political than religious groups. Also, the passage provides a suggestion that the behavior of Ann’s mother changed from usual while it also depicts Ann as a person who is an independent thinker.

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As a result, her interest in religion is not for beauty or show off, but she intends it’s to be meaningful to her. She thus shows her involvement in religion when she states that: “. 3)? This depicts how Anne like many people views God in I the Natural world. However, her speech seems ironic. Throughout the passage, Anne provides politely that she feels separated from nature and thus also separated from God (Knott 38). On the other hand, the passage also focuses on how the Jewish, as well as other people, stopped believing God after Holocaust. However, it is not clear whether Anne also stooped or did not stop from believing God since her thoughts during her time in concentration camps are not known.

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How noble and good everyone could be if, at the end of each day, they were to review their behavior and weigh up the rights and wrongs. They would automatically try to do better at the beginning of every new day and, after a while would certainly accomplish a great deal. ” (Frank 7/6/1944. On the other hand, religion in Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup is presented as a fractured Christianity where people misuse the Bible. For instance, the text depicts how white Christians in South America use their faith and the scriptures carryout injustice. He provides that almost half of all the slavery defenses published in America were written by religious ministers. They believed that the scriptures taught that black people could be owned by the white people as work animals (Tise 149).

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