Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama Speech at 2004 DNC Convention

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Subject Area:Politics

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Obama delivered this speech on the second night of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts. It had covered important aspects of a great speech as it had a great speaker, right optimistic message and was delivered on the right time. It aimed at persuading and convincing the audience. Obama as a senator in Illinois had ambitions of becoming a president of the United States of America. The speech put President Obama into the national limelight. In the speech, he says that his father was from a poor family but got an opportunity to study in America, which he named it as a magical place and land of opportunity. Finally, he uses logical appeals to persuade the audience in the need for solidarity citing countrymen and women who sacrifice their lives to defend the country “harm away.

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” Obama speaks about the Democratic party as well. He uses a motivational and emotional language that makes use of pronouns “our” and “we” in most instances making the audience feel included. It also makes the audience feel that Barack Obama is very similar to them. The speech also inspires the audience to believe they can do it. It talks of the possibilities that middle-class families can do to get themselves out of poverty. It also urges them to elect the Democratic presidential candidate for he would ensure more economic and educational opportunities for all. In the speech, Obama promotes the Presidential candidacy of John Kerry. He mentions John Kerry and John Edwards a number of times in his speech. There’s the United States of America” is one of Obama’s quoted lines.

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