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Not all forms of communication and activities are open for public display. It is for this reason that privacy is needed at the least. Privacy gives the people the opportunity to do their things freely without fear that they are being followed or under surveillance. However, there have been instances that the right to privacy has been infringed by high-end governmental bodies. The right to privacy is one that has faced a number of challenges in the recent past. Ideally, following the discovery of the big brother technology, the perception of privacy is one that would require evidence to prove that it exists. Such evidence would further prove the fact that the right to privacy is a farfetched idea in the contemporary world.

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Technological advancements have further aggrieved the situation as technology has paved way for the institution of methods that limit privacy. Modern devices have been fit with material that is supposed to encrypt all data but at the same time, these materials can be breached due to the loopholes in technology (Yael et al. The belief that privacy exists in the modern world is a fallacy. Therefore, it was the court’s mandate to ensure that justice was accorded to the people who were affected by the breach. The standing of the Supreme Court, therefore, was wrong in my opinion and requires that the interests of the people are placed before the interests of the government. Edward Snowden should not be considered to be a traitor.

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On the contrary, his actions are quite heroic considering the circumstances. Snowden risked his entire being to let the American people know the truth about the operations of their government. The liberty of the people was thus further infringed as they could no longer carry out their activities or communicate without the concern that the government was watching and listening to them (Matthew n. p). Snowden made it easier for the government to protect its people as he did not infringe on any national security plans in his expose. The right to privacy for the American people and even globally continues to raise concerns as more people become aware of what the government is up to and how best to protect their information.

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