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Examples of such methods include; understanding the goal. For example, knowing what is meant to be done in a specific time span. Prioritizing effectively and wisely. For instance, if given two tasks like doing research and writing the step to follow in accomplishing the project, choosing to start with outline the step would the best thing, to begin with. The other techniques are the Elimination of distractions for example if the music is a hindrance, doing away with it helps in improving concentration. Indicating what you aim to achieve in the goals. Time-specific. For instance in two weeks what will be achieved? Five Year Plan of my Life: Year one: Research on an electronic firm am seeking to start and seeking the capital to start the business.

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Year two: Establishing the business. Getting registered, and opening the industry. This is a necessary step since it improves understanding. Conflict Resolution The importance of conflict resolution is that it prevents the possibility of having undesirable results such as massive losses on the worrying side. The accommodating strategy of conflict resolution allows the disputing sides to accommodate or compromise on their demands to allow for the establishment of peaceful coexistence. Stress Management Stress is one of the hindrances to success and hence should be addressed in all ways possible. The various ways my research will address personal stress includes, helping in realization of the stressors, assisting in creating of strategies that can help solve the issue, creation of ways to reduce stress such as involvement in physical exercises, the research can also help in outlining how one can afford stress at workplaces due to work pressure.

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