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A single payer system promotes equity and comprehensive health care in all institutions in the country. The systems help in bargaining on the individual’s interest, contributions and Medicare costs. The system is a nonprofit organization that is financed by the employees in the nation through deductions and other levies. According to Sally (2017), the government of California is not so much explicit onto the single-payer system. The doctors in California opts for a private system instead of the public system which limits their pay on high demand jobs. The plan calls for a bill that would preclude cost sharing forms including the deductibles and the co-pays. The taxes are levied so high to meet the cost of this care plan. The care plan costs up to $400 billion annually.

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The program typically doubles the state’s budget considering the annual plans. The affordable care Act might be somewhat intolerable. Variety comes in very many aspects such as geographical diversity, ethnic and cultural diversity. Reply Other people on the same note view that this system is not healthy for the Californians. The healthcare might need a plan that can save patients from bankruptcy issues in case of health care, but Sure enough, it does not serve this purposefully thus being incomplete. The procedure looks nicely enveloped with lots of advantages but woe unto the planners of this system since it brings more problems than joy. Some others say that health care needs to take care of the state’s plan/ budget as it will turn onto the nation’s levies and taxes.

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