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, and Weber, C. eds. The power of sovereignty of nation has hindered international organizations from interfering with matters of countries whereby the individual states have taken. This has the baseline for violating human rights. Human rights as all the time been the cornerstone of for the international rule of law. UN is an international organization which has been getting support from the declaration act for enhancing peace and a favorable environment for the growth of business globally. However, it has been prioritizing the nation's sovereignty even if the states are practicing inhuman acts as shown by the following examples. (Schreuer, C. ) Despite the existence of international laws on human rights, international leaders have imposed policies that violate human rights and international laws at large.

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For example, President Trump's policy on immigration. UN under the international laws has been trying to implement some solution to the issue by emphasizing that everyone person has the right to play in the general development of any nation. The organization sought to implement and draft some recommendation about the whole idea of criticizing Israel over their unfriendly policies and practices, but their efforts were opposed by powerful nations such as America. International laws tendency of prioritizing the sovereignty of countries at the expense of violation of human rights has led to the rise of different feelings among the people affected. UN has been sault as irrelevant since the sovereignty of nations as hindered it from achieving global peace and providing a conducive environment for establishment and development of a stable economy globally.

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