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Besides, photos of satisfied clients can show the show the effectiveness of Lancôme products to potential customers. The second goal is to build the brand and company image. Lancôme cosmetics will attempt to establish a reputation of offering quality and unique products at affordable prices. Moreover, the target market will get to know a particular brand is Lancôme’s. Lastly, Lancôme cosmetics have developed new products and as such, the third goal will be make the target market aware of the new products and at the same time, elaborate their value. Women can relate to these down-to-earth icons. Message Strategy Message strategy refers to the primary approach or tactic utilized in in delivering the message theme. Message strategies are broadly categorized into three groups, namely; cognitive strategies, affective strategies, and conative strategies (Clow & Baack, 2014).

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Typically, cognitive strategies involve presenting information or rational arguments to the target market. For Lancôme cosmetics, this approach involves offering consumers with pieces of information on the benefits and attributes of the products. Through this approach, Lancôme stimulates the behavior of consumers to purchase its products. Advertising Appeals Advertising appeals are meant to stimulate the desire of the consumer to purchase the product as and create positive associations with the brand (Clow & Baack, 2014). Lancôme clearly understands that customers are driven by emotions and as such, its ads focus on appealing to these emotions. For the cosmetic products, Lancôme will use rational, music and emotional appeal. While some consumers are driven by emotions, others are driven by logic or reason and this is why it is important to utilize the two appeals in this advertising campaign.

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