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The company employees over 60,000 employees internationally. However, despite this expansion, the company sells most of its products in the US (Weinswig, 2017). Hanesbrands has been maintaining a competitive position in the industry through the acquisition of known apparel brands in both the local and global market. This measure has helped the company to continue increasing its number of sales annually. As of August of 2017, the company had earned about $6. Thus, while the organization is enjoying favorable economic conditions, this situation can change for the worse when stock prices plummet and the company lacks any equity for further investment. The main strengths of Hanesbrands are that it has established a competitive niche using its brand name and also the organization has effective marketing strategies.

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Every year, HBI has a new brand theme that they use to attract consumers (Weinswig, 2017). The weakness the company has is that it lacks diversification. They mainly manufacture innerwear which is a product likely to be substituted with other brands, especially those that offer cheaper prices. faces is from other brands that deal with innerwear. Companies like Victorias Secret and Jockeys. These companies have established a brand while also ensuring that their products are cheaper than those from HBI (Farmer, 2017). This move is likely to disrupt the competitive position of the company. References Weinswig, D. html. Farmer, J. (2017, December). “What Recent Ownership Trends Suggest About Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI)’s Future Performance”. “Stock Picks with Performance Analysis: Hanesbrands Inc. (NYSE:HBI). ” NASDAQ Times.

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