Strengths Based Leadership Reflection Paper

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Through these identifiable strengths, I have managed to raise my self- awareness and clearly understand what I can do better and what I need to improve to better my personal life. In most cases, I find it easy to relate to other individuals at all levels of life. For instance, I managed to make a couple number of friends within the first few weeks of my college life across all classes. I have been having friends from all over the region despite their social status, class or even religion background, which indicates a relator strength that exists within me. The other personal strength that greatly manifests itself in my life is that of taking responsibilities. Reflecting on the four domains of leadership, I find my strengths being clearly represented at a higher level in the strategic thinking, relationship building and executing domains while minimal represented in influencing domain (Gillum, 2003).

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In my leadership skills, the positive side of my abilities lies in the fact that I can easily associate and interact with people of different levels, bringing them closer thus creating a conducive working environment to all workers. In a class setting, I am in a position to manage a large group of fellow students through my influencing power and positively impact their decisions through strategic thinking. Having my top five personal strength falling into strategic thinking, relationship building and influencing domain, I get to understand that I possess high leadership skills and abilities. Relationship building domain is expressed through my ability to create a large circle of friends extending my relationship with others and living in harmony with everyone. My social and academic life is a clear reflection of how my personal strength is portrayed to indicate leadership abilities.

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