Suicide Then and Now

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The history of Shakespeare personal life is a mystery. There exists a few official documentations and records that are treasured from courts, but which only captures events in his life. Most philosophers have come to learn more of Shakespeare more from his plays than the presented records. Shakespeare was one English artist who was also a very key member of the Chamberlain’s theatrical group. Working as a playwright for twenty years, his work covered the most events of human lives based on conflicts, love, wars, emotions and most importantly, most of his works were tied to tragedy. The current society has not taken keen interest on educating the youth on how to handle the choices they make properly. The consequences that people make daily have often led to lots of depression that they cannot handle, and thereby leaving them with a choice of taking their own life.

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Love for instance is one key factor causing suicide. The youth today, just like in the past, are extremely obsessed with love. Heart breaks have often lead to people taking their own lives, for example, when they miss a chance to elope. Shakespeare experienced lots of tragic events in his life and this could have been one of the core motivations as to why he wrote lots of tragic plays. The play Romeo and Juliet brings into reality how love can be so strong (Davis 40). Even though it’s a literary work done about 400 years ago, the theme and concepts in this play still happens to date. Very many people believe extremely in love and have often threatened to take their own lives in times of depressions and pain.

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