Summer of the Camperdowns Book Review

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Subject Area:English

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This house was so beautiful and peaceful with exquisite sand dunes mounted around it, but in the other way, after having a keen look on the ocean, everything did not look safe, disaster and death blurred the writer. The door next neighbor is called Gin. He is a weird bachelor who breeds horses while throwing tantrums and tears to his neighbor’s time to time. In the year 1972 in Watergate hell broke loose when lies, and scandals during the period when the camp was running for office in good faith. Michael Delvin the neighbor from childhood camps into blows with camp over accusations and denials thus this is noted since Michael and Greer have an amorous history. One of the sweetest characters has been abducted, will the Watergate save her, what worse, can happen? Will the cover-up be known or will the deed still live unnoticed?.

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