Symbolic use in Alice Walkers Everyday Use

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The author uses these differences to outline the importance of accepting and preserving one’s heritage. This is the lesson the author wants to pass to the audience. Top make it a fair treatment of the two sister’s personalities, there is their mom who directs and approves of the actions that are acceptable by the society. Therefore, the mom acts as a judge figure for the two. The irony surrounding Dee’s opinion about heritage is what forms the basis of the story and this is the reason why their mom allows Maggie to keep quilts. She is of the believe that for one to preserve her heritage then they have to use it as an accessory rather than putting it to their everyday life.

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The statement she makes, “Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts, supports Dee’s idea! She’d probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use. ” Dee’s perspective is further supported by her response to her mother when she asks her what she would do with the quilts; she simply replies, “Hang them”. This means that Dee only thinks of quilts as touchable items (antiques) rather than a connection, which exists (Walker 1944, par. While the author shows the two different perspectives of the two sisters, she applies dramatic irony to prove that Dee’s argument is wrong and this automatically shows that Maggie is the right one regarding this matter. Dee is keen on creating a new life, which is different from the past, and this highlights her departure from the idea of preserving her heritage, which is the complete opposite of her sister Maggie.

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