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The office dedicates its duties to protecting the lands of the people of Texas be it Children, the Community in taxes or the veterans who live there. They seek to expand the economy through wealth maximization and revenue generation. The position is part of the department that regards itself as the stewards of the resources that has to do with everything land related. The role, the sources of this person’s power, who does this person share power with, who does this person report to / who provides a “check and balance” on this position? The Land Commissioner in Texas has the duties of overseeing the land in the state of Texas; in addition to this, he is uncharged of the leasing activities that affect the land that is anything that would lead to the use of these lands through the leasing.

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He has the authority to lease land to people for use. Bush. Besides being an Attorney, the land commissioner has served in the United States Navy before; he is also a politician. The Commissioner hails from the famous Bush family as he is the son to Jeb Bush which makes him the nephew to the former United States president George Bush (Cranston, 2015). The commissioner’s primary goals and initiatives revolve around technology. Through the efforts, he has been able to launch apps that cater for the location and mapping, twelve websites that provide to the accomplishment various duties such as education, the natural resources which is the beach in taxes, the energy business (The Texas General Land Office, 2018). Reasons for the opinion of this person and why The person has focused too much on education as he has been a teacher before.

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