The Chemistry of Diet Soda and Its Effect on Bone Structure

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However, the demand for fast foods has increased due to commitments in homesteads, schools and job places as well. For instance in united states, most restaurants sell fast foods such as beverages since people have no time to consume heavy foods. The commonly used beverages are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Pepper Snapple. Due to high rates of obesity, people have ventured in taking diet soda forgetting the fact that drinks are similar and if any difference exists, then it slight. Diet soda is modified from the original soda hence people perceive it to be less harmful compared to an original version of soda. Therefore, investors identified an opportunity and ventured in the sale of fast foods which initially was perceived to have a substantial impact on time management.

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Fast foods especially soda has proved to be harmful for human consumption because of the increased rate of obesity in the country. Studies assert that obesity has been declared as a national disaster in the country where approximately 36. 5 % of adults are infected. Suffering from obesity is perceived to be early grave sendoff hence majority has spent approximately $147 billion seeking medical services according to the study contacted in 2008. Sometimes peer pressure makes ladies vulnerable to easily lured to drink consumption. In a study which involved 40 women, were offered with 24 modicum of diet soda and the rest were offered water for a period of two days consecutively. Afterward, Urine was measured for three hours to determine the level of calcium. Results showed that women offered diet soda was found to have excreted higher level of calcium compared to women who took water.

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The conclusion made was that loss of calcium is directly related to consumption of soda. Besides, the market for beverages in the country is mostly carbonated and the market share continues to increase yearly. This implies that, in the next few years, carbonated drinks will have taken the control of a market. By so, people will continue to suffer from bone breakdown until devastating effects associated with the drinks are made aware to the public and urgent to reduce its consumption. Studies show that, when a higher amount of phosphoric acid enters into the body, it quickly moves into the bloodstream where it reduces blood PH level. The body reacts to such imbalance by extracting minerals from the bones to help restore phosphorus-calcium balance.

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Moreover, most drug users have colored teeth with an unpleasant smell, an implication of teeth decay. Diet soda leads to dissolving of teeth because citric acid produced damages enamel and makes teeth more defenseless to rot (Allison & Rebecca 3). Increased Appetite Despite the fact that, majority argue against consumption of diet drinks, some opponents have affirmed that diet drinks enhances appetite. Consumption of food is a fundamental aspect as far as human health is concerned. People are expected to take enough food in order to work. Through research, people are made aware that diet soda has a slight or no difference from the original soda, therefore its consumption would result to obesity, loss of calcium, weakening of bones and dissolving of teeth among others.

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