The Cold War and President Nixons Doctrine

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President Nixon wanted to pursue this doctrine for a number of reasons including the following; To eliminate the rift that had existed in the American country as a result of the war. He also wanted to pursue it so as to train and equip the South Vietnamese forces to take over the war and allow easy withdrawal of its troops. He wanted the South Vietnamese to have the capacity of defending themselves against the North Vietnamese that wanted to take over their country with force. The war had been fought by the United States of America for over 4years with no sign of coming to an end soon hence the President also considered this doctrine to be helpful in ensuring that the United States of America withdraws from the war with honor and respect.

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The Twin Pillar Policy was intended to help maintain control over the Persian Gulf as this would ensure that the United States have access to countries that had vast economic resources including oil. He affirmed that this was among his top agenda in his campaigns in the year 1968 for the top seat. However, the Vietnamese from the North started going against the peace arrangement immediately it was arrived at and sealed (Keys, 2016). This necessitated the removal of people and machines to the South of Vietnam towards rebuilding the forces who were decreasing by one in every group of ten. The United States of America made the best decision to grant support to South Vietnam through providing them with the military equipment to be used in bombing the North of Vietnam which began to violate the already entered into a peace deal.

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The physical outcome was witnessed in the Month of August 1973 when the Congress decided to pass a motion towards reducing the funding to the war The Congress then passed a resolution in the month of November 1973 that was intended to inform the Congress that the United States forces to be brought back into the country within two days. They also took over Saigon which had hosted a big number of people who fled from their places to seek refuge in this place. This led to a big shame to both the South Vietnamese and the United States governments as they could do nothing to stop the war. Effects of the President’s Doctrine Nixon's doctrine was about supporting the United States allies with military weapons and not the troops themselves.

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This encouraged the nations allied to the United States to be self-reliant during the war by training their own forces and also encouraged responsibility sharing as the United States could supply them with needed weapons while they embark on training their forces which greatly reduced excess dependence on the United States during calamities such as war (Gilpin, 2015). It also boosted economic growth globally as this was among the goals that the United States was set to achieve in the Nixon's doctrine. It also provided the foundation for President Ford’s doctrine. President Gerald Rudolph Ford who succeeded Nixon decided to extend this doctrine because it was in his opinion that it was helpful in encouraging independence to other nations, encouraging peaceful and facilitating economic growth among countries.

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