The development of espionage after the start of the cold war colonel abel rudolfs case

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He was a Soviet spy who conducted his spying activities in New York, the United States in an aim to recruit and supervise agents to help him in gathering information on military secrets. An in-depth look into Fisher’s case will detail how the development of espionage occurred after the start of the cold war. The Motivation behind Rudolf’s spying Abel Rudolf was a Soviet Union spy and during the cold war, the United States was not in good terms with Soviets. It is for this reason that he had to be sent as a spy in America to gather as much information as he could regarding the military secrets and relay it back to the Soviet Union. The main motivation herein was that the Soviets wanted to get informed on matters concerning the atomic bombs that the United States were planning to create, together with getting the information about the scientists that were tasked to handle the job of preparing the atomic bomb.

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It is important to understand that Rudolf gained entry into the United States illegally and used a different name to conceal his identity. His operations were often very discrete and this can be proved by the idea that he sneaked into a German refugee camp where he would be eligible to apply for an immigration opportunity to Canada. The idea that Abel and other Soviet spies never revealed their addresses to each meant that they were taking precaution so that in case any one of them ends up in the hands of the authorities they cannot reveal the locations of their counterparts. 4 While in the United States, he worked as a photographer and an artist. His stay in New York was characterized by him using a fake name of Goldfus where he used to recruit and supervise individuals who would help the Soviets in gathering military information.

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This essentially implies that his controllers had to fabricate information to enable Abel to obtain a new identity that helped him get into the United States through Canada. This is one of the dirty techniques that Abel’s controllers used to make sure their plan works and sure enough it worked out for the Soviets for a period of ten years. The Exposure of the Spy Operations The operations were led by Abel himself and because of his experience in World War II, everything seemed to happen as planned. For a good number of years, there were never any causes for alarm because no one really exhibited signs of being a spy. Rudolf went on with his work of being an artist and a photographer in New York where he had his studio.

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The latter mismanaged the fund meant for the spying operation and by the time Abel got back everything was in a mess. He called out to the Soviets to recall him so that he could fix everything by himself. On receiving the information that he has been recalled to Moscow, Hayhanen was frightened that he would be killed upon landing in Moscow. He fled to Paris and went to the United States embassy to uncover their mission in New York. 8 This is what led to the capture of Rudolf. 9 This saw Abel’s sentence on American soil cut short. Abel did not last long after the exchange that saw him go back to the Soviets. He went on to die of cancer in the year 1971.

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This is nine years after he was released by the United States authorities. He was one among the lucky ones who escaped the electric chair because people like the Rosenbergs had to sit on the electric chair as punishment for their spying activities. This led to his discontinuation of duties and, therefore, was forced into retirement. The Soviets had to send one of their most valuable spying assets into forced retirement. 10 Conclusion It is vital understanding that espionage is a very common practice that governments employ when they want to gather useful information. It played a vital role in the war that transpired in the 18th century. 11 Abel is a clear example of a case where governments, through spy handlers, cross the lines just to make sure certain information is gained access to.

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