The Effectiveness of IP Crime Laws

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This problem is widely spread in most of the domains that technology has touched. Thus, this paper seeks to answer questions related to the rights of the protection of intellectual property that has been threatened by the use of new technology, especially as regards to online taking or hostaging of confidential information. Particular attention will be geared towards showing the way IP crime laws are useful in solving the challenge of moving with innovative technologies. Innovation, in technology across the world, comes with different aspects that have affected the general aspects that affect the manner in which it is applied. Thus, without proper security measure, organizations will not be able to realize the full potentials that will help see them through different aspects in general security measures, while the loss of individual confidential commercial information abounds.

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Information hosting is made fruitful by infecting the user’s computer via attachments from the mail, malicious websites. The ransomware software automatically encrypts the files that may either be special videos and pictures and maybe business documents, and it leaves a note of the requirement for them to be released. Due to the amount of money made by the ransomware, it has encouraged more innovation that is causing more profits by exploiting many innocents and unaware companies (Smyth et al. Ransomware affected millions of home computer and business. The latest ransomware makes payments through the hard to trace cryptocurrency namely Bitcoin and also uses the secret network to avoid any tracing. This few and other cooperate companies that fear to expose their stories fearing embarrassments have suffered from this humiliation from cybercrime by ransomware The cyber criminals never seize but advance to the next level, CTB Locker is another fastest growing ransomware.

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It has one of the most encryption than the previous version. This also comes in several languages that are Dutch, Italian, Russian and English. This is making everything to be worse than it was expected to be. Most people have fallen into being victims of this fraud by sending money to this fraudster is also enabling them to continue with their research to ensure their effectiveness in their hacking business. Before the alarm is raised, severe loses would have occurred to the customer. This poses a significant challenge to the IP right owners whereby their rights have been violated as well as the customers. This becomes a significant challenge because of the weakness in dealing with the situation of fraudulence. The information on IP legislation prosecutors that are engaged in law isn’t complete and may never be complete.

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The differences that exist in legislation are factors like language barriers that present a hurdle that is additional, the advent of the internet effectiveness method of IP enabling crime. The most significant characteristics of this new era might include an increase in knowledge workers, Trans-border flow of information and a world that has opened up in the sense of information. Such kind of paradigm shifts has brought about a lot of criminal issues that are mainly associated with issues like right to privacy and right to access to information as well as the right of protection for the economic concerns of the real owners of the intellectual property that has been threatened by the advancement of technology. The IP has a lot of impacts including social, economic as well as political impacts.

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As a result of advance in technology and globalization, there is a lot of information demand which can be acquired inappropriately without benefiting the Intellectual property owner. Thus, there is need to protect owner’s innovations from any form of violation by the help on intellectual property rights like trade secrets, copyrights, patents, service mark, and trademark. The cases concerning infringement are so much expensive to be prosecuted (Xiao & Emma 417). Rights of intellectual property are more sometimes lucrative and make big money to individuals. Infringement has made large companies bankrupt without notifying them. Some of these laws are not effective as expected, they, in turn, to serve the desired justice and result might lead to the going against the rightful person that was meant to receive the truth.

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