The interconnection between mathematical terms and sociology

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Subject Area:Sociology

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Social research involves both qualitative and quantitative methods all of which make use of sampling techniques which have a mathematical basis. Also, estimation of social phenomena involves the use of mathematical terms like mean, median, mode, class, and so forth which are all terms found in mathematics. Additionally, the formulation of theories as well as deriving testable hypotheses brings the interconnection between mathematics and sociology; for example direct and indirect proportionality. Functionalists, for example, relate mathematical values to social integrative importance. Besides, scientific research enterprise involves coordination of theory with related data. It is upon this that structures of social relations are mapped on topological particularly theories requiring graph structures (Skvoretz and Fararo). Conclusively, mathematical terms and sociology connect practically when it comes to statistical techniques, formulation of hypotheses, formulation of theories, as well as estimation of demographic variables.

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