The Moral Position on a Fatal Abnormality case Study

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Wilson, and Marco are identified, and employs the effect and govern the right standing and the approval of the fetus in the case study. By using the study, the writer explores and discusses the philosophy that Jessica, Marco, Dr. Wilson and Aunt Maria are identifying, and how their argument will influence the deed of the writer in the state as that presented in the study. Worldview theory and influences Moreover, the pronouncements and pathways that they may decide to choose and also follow all trunk from the individual's right ranges and individual worldviews which are designed by people's principles, faith, religiousness, ethics, morals, private relationships and life skills among other influences (Wilson, 2012). As soon as an individual has a comparable condition, persons may answer and respond otherwise dependent on their ethical extent and exposure.

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Also, Jessica has got a relationship with God, and to the fetus, she is expecting, and these relationships give the fetus the moral standard and thus making the abortion to be a wrong act. In the light of contact, it also shows a divine command theory, whereby it is based on the Lord is the creator and the one who decides morality. In the case of Jessica, she is conflicted for due to the fact of her socio-economic status of the burden posed by the child, and also her Christian belief that opposes the abortion. In this instance, Jessica acts as if she is an ethical agent, an individual interim for herself with the aim of making suitable decisions. This represents a theory of that is based on the moral agency in which someone usually acts as an ethical agent having the mandate to make the right or wrong decision having the motive that could judge them morally.

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What theory do you agree with? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action? In closing, the Dr. Wilson theory of science is the best advice not only to abide but also follow. For instance, according to Lundy, the author claims that " It is not uncommon that rules are passed with good intentions, and only to realize later they have left some people out, the most important thing is that nurses usually make a necessary decision with the aim of providing data. Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) the dentist who proposed the basing of a dominant theory in the dentist sector, his attempts to explain moral behavior was based on the simple reasons, instead of sound decision or tradition. " References Boal, W.

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