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I choose the topic because the New Jersey Terminal serves as a center that attracts visitors. The terminal is the most visited destination in the Jersey City. People go to the Liberty state park for the community and cultural events. Being a historic site that had material remains of the past, it needs to be saved. The New Jersey City Terminal has had problems in the past. The new terminal was constructed by Peabody and Stearns of Boston. It is also designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. The place is more important because it is a historic site that tells more on the historic immigration of the human population to America. There was approximate of eight million immigrants who traveled to their new homes through the terminal.

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The terminal is also known as Communipaw, Which means big landing place at the side of a river in Algonquian language Lenape. Transport activities are the facilitator that will make sure that supply and demand between the seller and buyer are well managed. For instance, the trains at the terminal will be able to transport the goods for sale to the market to avoid wastage, especially the perishable foods. It also ensures that the marketplace received the goods in time because of the demand. Therefore, the economy will be developed due to trading activities in New Jersey because of dependable and fast transport system by saving the New Jersey terminal. Trading activities will be able to help the nearby societies to New Jersey Terminal.

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Through better management of finance, the local government will be budget their activities without a deficit. Deficit by the local government will increase the cost of lives of people in the area. The high cost of living will be realized that shows that the economy is weakening. Therefore, saving of the New Jersey city terminal will be useful as it will result to increase in the government revenue. The revenue will be used as savings to run the economy by the government. Economies grew larger as the societies grew and became more complex. The economy will improve and grow because there is a movement of money in the form of currency by providing accommodation and food to the tourists. Saving this historic site is more useful because small businesses at the towns will grow; hence, the whole place will grow regarding economic status.

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The New Jersey City terminal will provide employment to the people of New Jersey City. Employment of people can through hiring people to act as train operators and also others as security officers. The New Jersey City Terminal helps the immigrants to know that despite being Americans at the present situation, they will be able to know their diverse roots and heritages. Saving the terminal preserves the culture of millions of immigrants who moved to the United States. This culture will be passed from generation to generation as long as the New Jersey City terminals still exist. The terminal will act as a symbol of remembrance. It enables an individual to trace back the family history and background information concerning a culture of an individual.

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This is because of togetherness and sense belonging regarding the history of where they come from. Saving the New Jersey City terminal is a historical significance of the culture of people. For example, the terminal will be able to create awareness of the age or the relationship of the historical large human immigration of people to the United States. It has a historical importance because the New Jersey City terminal is recorded in books to mark the history of New Jersey City at the past. For instance, the New Jersey city will mainly be remembered because of a historical event of the New Jersey city terminal. Hence, it is important for it to be saved. In conclusion, the New Jersey city terminal is a historical site that has existed for many years and therefore there is need to conserve it for the future generations.

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The New Jersey city marks the event that there was historic immigration of large population of people from Europe to the United States. There is need to conserve it because of its importance to the people of New York and the government of the United States. For instance, it helps in the economic growth and preservation of the American people culture. Springer, 2016. Campbell, Neil, and Alasdair Kean. American cultural studies: an introduction to American culture. Routledge, 2016. Little, Barbara J.

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