The Theories of Moral Status

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In this case, focus is directed to the Case Study: Fetal Abnormality by Grand Canyon University. This essay will be analysis the case and discussing the theories evident in the case. The essay will then conclude by determining the primary theory that is directly connected to the case of Maria, Jessica, Dr. Wilson and Marco. Three Theories Used by Characters in the Case The theories are human theory, relationship theory, and moral theory, (Beauchamp and Childress, 2015). As the theory states, human being account for their moral status, (Beauchamp and Childress, 2015). In this case, Marco who is an immigrant is obligated as the head of the family to personally deliver the news to her wife Jessica. After the new is deliver to Jessica by Dr.

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Wilson instead of Marco, he still supports his wife based on the decision she will take, (Grand Canyon University, 2015). Though the decision is opposed by Maria who is their aunt, the theory still prevails in Maria stance who is acting as a mother and asking Jessica to take responsibility of the pregnancy. Wilson is able to point out that it is wrong if he doesn’t deliver the news about fetal abnormality to Jessica. Marco is also caught up with the theory since he is concerned about the welfare of his wife and he is not ready to deliver the news at that moment since he believes that it will tear Jessica apart. On the other hand, Maria, is acting out of love and affection and she plainly points out that if Jessica procures an abortion, it will not be a good thing since she will have missed an opportunity of becoming and mother and responsibility.

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