The US Presidential Election Process

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S begins with a candidate’s decision to vie for the top seat. The presidential campaign is a cycle that never ends. Aspiring candidates for the most powerful seat in the Unites States of America begin campaigning informally as early as the first year of every presidential term. Article 2 (section 1) of the U. S. S. It is important to note that most of the campaigns for the presidential position in the U. S are done through the two major political affiliations including the Democratic and the Republican Parties (VOA News, par. The two are different in terms of ideology and other issues including their views on taxation, healthcare, environment, immigration, gun control, abortion, and the role of the government with regards to issues of national interest (Skuldt, par.

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An individual chooses to identify the Democrats or the Republicans depending on their goals and wishes. Voters cast their votes at the various polling stations and leave. The primaries and caucuses may not be conducted all together in every state; some states may conduct caucuses while other may go for primary elections (VOA News, par. There are some other states that may hold both caucuses and primaries before the main elections. There are four types of primaries including; open, closed, semi-closed, and semi-open; every state makes a decision regarding the type to adopt (USA. Gov. Typically, Iowa state Republican and Democratic primaries and caucuses are conducted before the other states, followed by the New Hampshire Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses (Skuldt, par.

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Republicans prefer secret ballots while Democrats make clusters against the names of their preferred candidates to show their support. During the Democratic caucuses and primaries, the candidates must get at least 15 percent of the voters available in order to maintain their viability (USA. Gov. , par. The presidential debates are normally televised as major events in the presidential campaigns. These debates lead directly to the Election Day which happens in early November of the elections year (Karol, p25). The voting process in November selects members of the Electoral College (USA. Gov. , par. Gov. , par. Every state has one vote in the House of Representative. U. S election is one of the complex processes and there are a number of scenarios that may arise such as winning in the Electoral College and failing to get the popular vote.

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