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This is mandatory toward embracing sustainability (Crane et al. This paper entails a corporate social responsibility (CSR) addendum to the business formulated in MBA 560 and will be based on Oracle Corporation. The CSR addendum includes an overview of the firm’s mission, vision, and values of Oracle, the effect of trends in corporate culture as well as social responsibility on its business ideas. The addendum also consists of the possible regulatory and ethical concerns that influence the overall corporate strategy and development of the brand. The CSR addendum concludes by presenting a discussion of the most significant possible outcomes of Oracle’s CSR efforts, intrinsic, and extrinsic rewards for the corporation. d. Trends Business Environment From an internal perspective, firms operating in the enterprise software industry require huge amounts of funds to undertake certain activities.

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Oracle faces a similar scenario in that it faces financial challenges (Cusumano et al. It finds it hard to obtain sufficient funds to finance all its deliberations. Consequently, this has an adverse influence toward the attainment of its set goals. This negatively affects Oracle’s business environment as it has to ensure that its products are unique from those of other firms. The firm finds it hard because in the wake of the modern marketplace, it is challenging to develop technologies that are entirely different from those of other firms. Description Corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and business ethics have transformed over the last decade. Many firms in the enterprise software industry and other sectors are no longer satisfied with the issuance of charities to organizations or sponsoring events.

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This means that firms are aligning social impact with business goals. Firms are also utilizing environmental innovation to transform corporate sustainability (Schaltegger & Wagner, 2017). The main reason for this inference is that organizations are formulating new approaches to enhance ecological and business performance through innovation. There are trends in business ethics. For instance, firms are focusing on character training which helps at educating employees about vital virtues that should be embraced in the workplace. Further, the other trend is that of encouraging diversity to fight against discrimination. Oracle should also emphasize tackling its supply chain emissions. This would help to achieve targets for low carbon emission rates (Schaltegger & Wagner, 2017). Oracle can prepare for the impact in various ways. For instance, Oracle can take action for a healthy planet.

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This can be achieved through embracing continuous investment in programs that help the firm to run its business more sustainably and create products and services that support the client to care for their environment (Epstein, 2018). d. It should also continue in funding the Oracle Education Foundation (OEF), a nonprofit organization financed by the firm and staffed by its employees that focuses on helping young people establish technical know-how, create confidence, and develop the necessary grit to become significant designers to individuals’ concerns and world’s issues (Oracle, n. d. As a way of dealing with trends in business ethics, Oracle should embrace character training in the workplace. This would equip its employees with relevant virtues that should be demonstrated in the workplace.

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The law also encompasses the Copyright Act of 1976 and other corresponding amendments. This law asserts that people’s copyrighted materials should not be used by other parties, without the owners’ consent. As written by Dratler and McJohn (2018), another regulatory issue may arise from the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act (SCPA). SCPA is a regulation by the U. S. Hence, Oracle will center its strategies toward the creation of best software and clouding systems in the entire enterprise software industry, succeed in its daily operations, and emphasize on other opportunities to enhance its growth. Other strategies will be formulated to enhance improved responses to customers’ requirements and establish viable solutions for the firm’s response to customer inquiries (Grant, 2016). This will ensure that the firm is not accused of ignoring the customer concerns.

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Even though it may cost the corporation significant expenses, it will be vital in preventing future litigation and being seen as unfair to its customers. Oracle has a moral and an ethical mandate to the stakeholders of aligning its corporate and leadership. The rationale for this inference is that this form of consideration enhances effectiveness in predicting market changes, increasing competitive advantage, and contributing to community values. Such values may contribute adversely to a firm’s reputation and profitability if not offered sufficient transparency in corporate governance. Hence, adequate alignment of corporate strategy, brand enhancement, decision-making approaches in the ethical perspective of Oracle will maximize sustainability in the firm (Tollin et al. This form of adherence would also ensure that Oracle’s sustainability is established and maintained.

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