Trifles Susan Glaspell analysis

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One type of literary style that authors can use is a tragedy. A tragedy is used in literature to describe human suffering. Authors can use the tragedy in literature to share the feelings and emotions that they have experience in the past or that they have imagined. This tragedy will help people to know how they can act in case they are faced with a similar situation in the movie since tragedy is bound to happen in every human life. The play Trifles by Susan Glaspell can, therefore, be interpreted as a tragic drama. Wright mistreats her and does not give her freedom. It is like she is living in prison in her own house. She endured her husband’s physical and mental abuse as she plays to be the perfect wife to him.

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She does not have children and only gets her joy from yellow canary which reminds her of the time she used to sing in the choir, but that was before she got married to Mr. Wright. Peter and Mrs. Hale accompanied their husbands to do the investigation, they saw that Mrs. Wright did not finish some of her work in the kitchen. This simply suggests that the poor woman. was interrupted in the course of her duties. Peter get the evidence, they try to hide it from the men so that the men do not know exactly what happened. Mr. Wright who was the abusing husband put Mrs. Wright in a living hell. The law does not consider the reason why a woman opted to do such a thing.

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