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“America First” is one of his programs that aims at mainly protecting American workers and industries. His administration has been making both small and drastic changes to the U. S. immigration policies. In the event, Trump’s policy on immigration revolves around six major areas which include the completion of the US southern border wall, deportation of immigrants who came to the U. in the largest numbers, but wants them to enter the country legally. He indicated that America needs people to coming in because there are companies and factories moving back to the country, thus needs legal immigration. The immigration policy seeks to increase legal immigration and focuses mainly on high-skilled immigrants. However, this would only be possible if Trump administration would implement a legal immigration policy that will allow H-1B visa holders’ spouses to continue working in the country, not coming up with new restrictions on L-1 and H-1B visa holders as well as increasing refugee admission.

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Another reason given for supporting Donald Trump’s immigration policies is the statement that the wall will eliminate drug cartels and human traffickers. The recent government shutdown was a result of the proposed border wall. However, some moderate senators from the Republican party called for an end to the government shutdown before the resolve of the border wall issue. In addition, a good number of Americans blame Trump for the shutdown of the government (BBC). According to BBC, the largest part of people supporting Trump on the immigration issue is his Republican party. 77% of Republicans support Trump’s refusal to approve a budget leaving out the taxpayer dollars for the construction of the US-Mexico border wall. Many people oppose the immigration policies because of further instability incited at the border of Mexico to the United States.

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The U. S. immigration policy is said to make Mexico less safe especially at the migration routes and the border (Hayoun). For example, Tijuana is one of the places where vulnerable people are faced with regional instability and life threats due to organized crimes. Therefore, they tend to seek asylum in the United States to save their situations. Deporting immigrants means that the Trump administration does not value humanity. Many flee their countries because of natural calamities such as floods, drought, hunger or war. For instance, Haitians escape manmade and naturals disasters such as earthquakes in their country. They need to be given asylum, but denied that because of the new immigration policies. The language that Trump uses in limiting immigration in America is ineffective.

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It instills fear and anger among citizens of the involved countries. I think that Trump made a wrong move as far as the immigration policies are concerned. Most immigrants contribute to the prosperity of the nation through their hard work and participation in development activities in the country. Apart from the immigration policies brewing hatred with the restricted nations, the taxpayers will suffer a great deal when paying for the wall to be constructed. Accessed 19 Mar. Hayoun, Massoud. "How Trump's Immigration Policies Are Provoking Insecurity at the U. S. -Mexico Border. Accessed 20 Mar. Pierce, Sarah, and Andrew Selee. "Immigration Under Trump: A Review of Policy Shifts in the Year Since the Election. " Migrationpolicy. org, 22 Jan. com/news/trumps-border-wall-every-congressperson-along-southern-border-opposes-border-wall-funding-2019-1-8/. Accessed 19 Mar.

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