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The House on Madrona Street was not left alone. It was a high-profile crime that happened in Atlanta. And it was documented by The First 48 television series. So, what happened in The House on Madrona Street that made it a high-profile case? Ardentic Johnson And the House on Madrona Street In the crime scenes and episode, Ardentic Johnson, a former rehabilitation and jail culprit, murdered two women brutally. The two women, Heather Camp and Nicole Sartells' bodies were found in a deserted building at Madrona Street, Atalanta. After seeing Camp's dead body, the police issued a search warrant, and Nicole Sartell's body was found moments after. Sartell's body was found decomposed in a closet. Investigation showed that Johnson had killed her over 4 months before the discovery.

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After more than a week, police found the runaway, Ardentic Johnson. Upon investigation, Camp and Sartell, 33, were evidenced to have been beaten, raped, and strangled. For example, they saw a man's clothing at the crime scene, indicating that someone lives there, even though it has no electricity or water supply. Pathos and Logos also help detectives trace Camp's cellphone to a man who bought it from Ardentic Johnson. Thus, making the latter the main suspect. They also used pathos when questioning the suspect. While the murder was gruesome and brutal, it offers the average American the opportunity to see the criminal proceedings. More often than not, the criminals are identified within 48 hours of the crime. Some crimes don't take more than a few hours to crack.

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