Washington and Hamilton collaboration

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The two of them were said to be very careful on the people that they ever happened to relate with mainly because they wanted to safeguard their reputation and influence as well. These two gentlemen were known to have different backgrounds but they also shared common interests. These interests made them work collaboratively because they shared a common goal of building a continental republic during the revolutionary war. Washington and Hamilton are said to have strengthened their bond during the revolutionary war. Some of the instances that they had to bod and work together were during the struggle for freedom from Great Britain. Modern democracy demands that every citizen deserves an equal say on the affairs of the nation. ("Washington And Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America | Conservative Book Club") However, these rights cannot be practiced easily without the presence of great statesmen.

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Governing the country during the fight for freedom was not easy. Washington collaborated with Hamilton to oversee the public confidence. The interdependency of these states could only be referred to as an alliance because the partnership that these two men created mostly created the illusion of partnership. (Holloway)At York town, Hamilton would then acquit himself brilliantly during the battle of the revolution period, and at the same time initiating his brilliant war tactics to make strategic decisions. Coming together and ending the country towards independence did not seem enough for the two as partners. There was more in forming a democratic nation that they had an obligation to. After Washington became the president, he was faced with the decision of choosing the treasury secretary.

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