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This strategy has since been working for a very long period of time, therefore, bringing out the need to adopt it. Influencer marketing through the use of social media is important since it builds trusts with customers, Improves brand awareness and enables an effective reach to the target audience. Building Trust with the Target Group As we can see from our day to day activities, a lot of people trust recommendation from other members regardless of whether the suggested party is known or not. This is the one of the main focus of influencer marketing since it aims at ensuring breaking into the circle of trust. By sharing contents from social media platforms one gains credibility and in time you attract attention from potential target groups (Byrne, Kearney & MacEvilly, 2017).

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All this is possible through their ability to foster this audience on social media. In conclusion, influencers have a lot of advantages when it comes to marketing a product, especially on social media. That comes with the benefits involved in their role as the focus in the advertisement process. That, therefore, brings out the need for every individual to use influencer marketing on social media since they help see to it that trust is built by the particular target group. Brand awareness is also the other benefit enjoyed from using influencers on social media because of the increased number of people with access to these platforms. Social Media Today. 6 Big Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing in Your Social Strategy. Retrieved from https://www.

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