Which Branch of Government is More Powerful?

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Checks were put in place to keep the branches equally powerful. These checks and balances ensure that all the 3 branches of government maintain a balance. These government branches, in turn also, check and balance each other. The Executive branch implements laws laid down by the Legislative branch. Finally, the Judiciary branch evaluates laws. The Legislative branch is also known as Congress. It consists of the Senate and House of Representatives. Congress is empowered to draft laws. It can also accept or decline presidential nominations for heads of agencies and judges. It also has the power to declare war. Furthermore, it can even impeach the president. The Legislative branch can also override the president's decisions and prevent specific laws from being passed.

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Basically, this branch controls all the decisions of the government. The Legislative branch is also known as Congress. It consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The commerce clause enables the Legislative to regulate commerce. It can do so within states and with other countries. Additionally, the Legislative has an elastic clause under the constitution. Through this clause, it can formulate laws necessary for execution. This clause, combined with the commerce clause, makes the Legislative the most powerful branch of the government. Consequently, managing the budget. It has the power to impeach federal officers and principal officers. Besides that, it approves treaties, passes legislation, and drafts spending bills. The Legislative also approves appointments of the president and other federal positions.

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