Wind energy and its environmental effects

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However, there is chemical pollution on water bodies, the release of nonbiodegradable wastes on land and electromagnetic pollution. The cause and effects of environmental pollution have driven people to think about solutions. One of the most common solutions is finding a way to stop the emission of carbon gases in the atmosphere is wind energy. Pollution causes from energy generation Some of the pollution causes come from automobiles. This is known to be one of the major causes of environmental pollution and has raised concerns for decades. Wind is also available in abundance, and affordable, making it one of the most viable alternatives for fossil fuel sources. The global community is going through a transition as far as energy generation is concerned.

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More countries are moving towards renewable energy, and away from fossil fuel, with the aim of adopting more environmentally friendly energy sources. Wind energy is one such energy source that is being adopted, and the effect is viewed as massive in both long-term and short-term. Climate change has led to rising in global temperature or global warming. In addition, proper site selection has been cited to be among the better methods of avoiding the problem of wildlife. No matter the amount of advancement in technology in wind energy generation, the death of wildlife resulting from wind turbines cannot reach the level of those deaths caused by related human activities such as poaching and deforestation for other land uses. The truth of the matter is that most of these human activities are dangerous to wildlife than even wind turbines.

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