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Whether to Trust Online Investment or Not

Therefore there are risks involved in it. Hence, this paper seeks to…

Words: 657Pages: 3

Segmentation targeting and positioning approach in marketing

The Segmentation of demand refers to the process of profiling and dividing…

Words: 3613Pages: 14


The advances in the innovation of simple to-computerized transformation (ADC) and the…

Words: 11069Pages: 41

Is blockchain a suitable technology for the purpose of online identity management

Organizations and governments are also concerned about the security of the data…

Words: 5129Pages: 20

Motivation implemented in bilingual programs

One of the advantages of the program to be discussed is the…

Words: 15417Pages: 58

Communication gaps in strategy and technology firms

The study seeks to address the research questions by reviewing various literature…

Words: 27779Pages: 104

Cloud economics for hospitality start-ups in india

Research Questions 5 1. Rationale of the Study 6 2. CHAPTER TWO: LITERATURE REVIEW 7 2. Introduction 7 2. Hospitality…

Words: 12460Pages: 46