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Into The Wild entails a narration by Jon Krakauer regarding the story of Christopher McCandless beginning from the point Christopher graduates from Emory University located in Atlanta, Georgia to his final death in Alaska. The story in Into The Wild begins with the body of Christopher Johnson McCandless, being discovered in an abandoned bus in Alaska. It proceeds to narrate the reason for his reason to separate from his parents and set out in pursuit of his destiny. The book is an account of 113 days of starvation, loneliness away from home that Christopher encounters in his journey to Alaska until he meets his death. On the other hand, the article When I Die entails the narration of Rasmussen who in his physician’s journey helps several patients achieve their death as and when they wish.

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Even though he meets few people on his way, such as Jan Burres and her old boyfriend, at the time of his death, he starves to death, alone in an abandoned bus. He also spends most of his time alone moving from one place to another and in the streets as he writes to Jan Burres saying that “Have been living on streets of San Diego for the past week…” (Krakauer, 37). However, in the article when I die, the intuition is that the death process should entail one spending quality time with his or her family as he or she prepares to die a painless and free death as decided by him or her. In the article, passages such as “For four nights Cindy and the kids stayed by his bed, each night thinking it would be the last,” (Brooke, 45) illustrates the need for family love and presence in the death process.

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