Acquisition Business Issues Within the Department of Defense

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Once all terms of defense are in unison such as the financial conditions and objectives, then the acquisition process can begin. This paper aims to discuss acquisition business issues within the defense department. The defense department is a branch of the executive department within the United States federal government. Its primary function is to organize and direct all activities and sectors of the government that are mainly connected to Armed Force of the United States and the national security. Generally, this sector is the most immense source of employment globally. This has built a surrounding where poor practices are no longer in use (Ahlskog, Jackson & Bruch, 2015). From the above discussion, all the three sectors of defense should undergo service acquisition since they are in the same segment and some are connected in a way.

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Some of the services that should undergo acquisition include the transportation, repairing and maintenance of tools, housekeeping, telecommunication, utility, administrative, management, and professional sectors. Knowing the Process For the acquisition process to be successful, the program management is critical. The programs of acquisitions are meant to create upgraded and improved equipment, information systems and weapons. An acquisition program that is successful provides a system that is supporting the users by being affordable and available when needed. The result of the acquisition process is mainly supposed to be a win-win situation as every stakeholder is to should gain something. However, for the process of the acquisition to be conducted, several authorities must be involved, which include the Congress and the Executive. The roles of the bodies are to develop, improve, and protect the processes.

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The two authorities are the Executive Direction and the Public Law. However, this characteristic of realism cannot be quantified though several properties are measurable. For instance, two-fold upgrade in current activities is more realistic compared to three-fold development. The other characteristic is the stability of the acquisition program. Negative influences mostly bring changes to the cost and performance. The changes that may occur in the Defense Department include the personal changes and departmental changes. The department of defense should consider the flexibility in the process so that the process can easily accommodate changes and amendments. Any ongoing process is faced with the need for changes that arise along the way. For this reason, the manager should give space for any amendment’s needs.

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Understanding the Requirements and Completion Requirements The acquisition program has several requirements that facilitate its operations. To begin with is the provision of certification of training. For instance, during the developments and before establishing a new program to determine it standards, new standards are given by the Congress and the Defense Department. Another requirement is that the defense department has configured the steering board. It assists in controlling the development requirements in the departments of the defense. Changes and any technological improvements are reviewed by the board as they may be cost intensive. For the changes to be configured there must be readily available funds to support it. This will make sure that the warfighting capabilities are improved by about three percent yearly.

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Also, other requirements include the enhancements of workforce, improvements of logistics, and analyzing the cause of acquisition. Contractors Information There are several types of characteristics of the acquisition program. These characteristics are the degree of competition, type of contract, and the contract incentives types. To begin with, the government should provide open and full competition for available contracts. The Federal government should focus on contractors to ensure that they give better services to the defense department. This task will ensure that the funds spent on contract of services delivery are utilized to the fullest. Also, through proper supervision, the contractors can deliver beyond the contract terms. Acquisitions Incentives (Other Types of Acquisition) Several acquisitions can take place in the defense department.

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The environment acquisition is one of the examples. This is due to lack of proper strategies that control and monitor the activities performed at the various levels such as the Armed, Air, and the Navy Force. The Federal government has raised the main concerns over the management needs for acquisition. These concerns are the need for proper communication channels, reducing the services cost, minimizing the turnover rates and finally putting in place proper technologies for operations (Brown, 2010). It has been noted that when the management in all defense department is facilitated, the funds spent doing non-profitable duties is cut and utilized properly. The weapon-system acquisition approach is part of defense department management plan. References Ahlskog, M. , Jackson, M. , & Bruch, J. Manufacturing technology readiness assessment.

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