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Consumers should use the OEM parts while replacing the components of their vehicles because they are compatible and are of higher qualities than the aftermarket parts. However, the OEM parts are more expensive than the aftermarket components of cars. The OEM products are purchased from the dealerships directly while the aftermarket product is bought online from various vendors. Both OEM and aftermarket components are produced using the 3D printing to enhance the flexibility of their supply chains and create highly demanded parts of a vehicle. Therefore, due to the price competition, the OEM and aftermarket producers ought to distinguish themselves in the market through pricing and quality production. Moreover, the steering, lane control assistant and the traffic jam assist to support the driver in monotonous traffic conditions when activated.

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It also has a cutting-edge steering support that automatically controls the distance from the car ahead, regulates the speed of the car to a standstill when required and provides active steering support. From the video, we learn that despite the fact that the ADAS of BMW can drive the vehicle independently; the driver should maintain driving using both hands on the wheel. If the driver fails to follow the obligations, the sensors in the steering will detect the negligence and acoustically warn the driver after a certain interval. Finally, the system will activate the standby mode. Belvidere III to build Jeep SUVs, crossovers, and Ram Pickups. FCA aims to provide small to midsize cars with the changes in ADAS such as active parking assist, lane keeping system and adaptive cruise system.

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From the video, FCA proposes that ADAS would provide the building blocks for the capacity of the automobiles. FCA is one of the busiest producers of the OEM components based on re-aligning the global production footprint. However, the company targets to shift to two future crossovers. Moreover, FCA in the video has a front-wheel drive, standard Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. The turbocharged inline-four pairs with either seven-speed automatic or a six-speed manual. However, possession of the 19-speaker audio system and all-wheel drive in Audi A4 is optional. These features of Audi A4 are essential in promoting road safety. The stable handling instead of fun and the over-boosted steering that feels light at the highway speeds enhances security. The supercruise would facilitate hands-free functions for a specific extended period.

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The video explicitly shows that supercruise system can pull the car over while turning the hazard lights on. However, in case of defects in supercruise, the situation can lead to fatal injuries and deaths. The video also illustrates that supercruise technology automatically keeps a safe separation from the vehicle ahead while staying in lane. GM also has the driver monitoring, which impels the driver to attend to the traffic when using supercruise. The instructor in the video explains that such features of drive pilot enhance safety in the cars. From the video, we observe that the functions of the drive pilot depend on the sensor system, which consists of multi-stage radar sensors and stereo camera. The two act as the ears and eyes of the vehicle.

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The instructor in the video explains that the genuine parts of Mercedes-Benz are manufactured to comply with the specifications of the company in terms of quality and durability. Moreover, the genuine parts are compatible with the parts of the vehicle. The instructor also shows the contents of Subaru EyeSight. The EyeSight comprises of parts that are mounted on the windshield alongside the lane keeping and auto-braking. All these enhance the driver’s safety. The Cruise control helps to maintain the driver has intended speed while enhancing safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Volvo The video presentation about introduces us to new safety features for Volvo that provide the driver with automatic steering support, which assists to prevent collisions. However, customers should prefer the genuine parts to aftermarket car components because the genuine parts are compatible and are of high quality.

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